Ingenious Factory

In 2019, OPPO released a brand new series - OPPO RENO, which is a milestone product for OPPO with breaking through technologies. 

To launch OPPO Reno series, we created a teaser film call Ingenious Factory to show the world how creative blood is injected into OPPO brand.

In the film, we remould the stereotypically boring factory with creativity, and OPPO Reno is "produced" with the coolest imagination there.

2019年,OPPO发布了全新系列OPPO RENO。这是一代具有里程碑意义的全新产品系列,集众多创新科技于一身,向世界展示出中国创造的力量。

我们为OPPO RENO系列上线,打造了一个《 不可思议工厂》。影片创意把精密工厂和创意实验室两个截然不同的世界合二为一。这家特别的OPPO工厂里面,全新RENO系列,正在被最酷的“工人”和他们最特别的想象力,秘密打造中...

Creative Agency - Wieden+Kennedy

Executive Creative Directors - Ian Toombs, Vivian Young

Creative/art director - Uty Chen

Creative/Copy writer - Matteo Marchionni

Director - Us

Production Company: Academy Films

Post Production: MPC London

What do you imagine a phone factory should be? Monotonous? Boring? Repetitive?

Creating should just be the opposite. It's full of imagination, colorful and surprising. That is how OPPO ingenious factory should look like.


In OPPO Ingenious Factory, coolest creators are secretly assemble the brand new OPPO Reno. Look how this girl squashes a 10x telescope into the phone.


在这家特别的OPPO工厂里面,酷酷的“工人们”正在秘密进行着全新OPPO RENO的组装——微笑女工将一个望远镜塞进手机外框中.

On the next assembly line, an artist is pouring the nice color from a painting into RENO.


艺术特工将一幅油画融进OPPO RENO里

Even a live dragon could be injected into the phone.


Actually, every imaginative feature is matching a new technique of OPPO Reno. We drive the audiences' curiosity to the maximum without leaking any detail of the new phone.

The ingenious OPPO RENO is freshly engineered...


​不可思议正在发生,OPPO RENO即将出场....


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