All in one

This is a story composed only by brand slogans

for Alibaba’s Tmall.

Tmall is the biggest e-comimerce platform in China. It contains more than 180,000 brands, and gathers all the spirits and lifestyles those brands are standing for.

Therefore we created “All in 1” to feature 31 great brands and make a manifesto out of their slogan to celebrate 11.11 shopping festival.



因此,我们为2018年双十一创造了一条品牌大片《All in 1》,


Creative Agency - Fred & Farid

Executive Creative Directors - Huang Feng

Creative Director - Adrien Goris

Creative/art director - Issy Huang, Uty Chen, Josh Tsui

Director - Norman Bates

Production Company: Stink Shanghai

TMALL - All in 1

TMALL - All in 1

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An anthem, made only with brand slogans.

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