Fantastic Bus

What is a 10x zoom camera like? It feels like your phone could pull any interesting thing far away close to you. 

To launch OPPO Reno S and it's 10x zoom camera, we created a Fantastic Bus, inside which our character could bring anything interesting on the road in the bus with a magic click on his

OPPO Reno S.


为OPPO Reno S系列上线,我们创造了一辆充满魔力的巴士。因为Reno S强大的10倍变焦,一路上有趣的风光事物,都被主人公“咻”一下子拉近了巴士。

Creative Agency - Wieden+Kennedy

Executive Creative Directors - Ian Toombs, Vivian Young

Creative/art director - Uty Chen

Creative/Copy writer - Gem Xu

Director - Vania & Muggia

Production Company: ICONOCLAST

OPPO Reno - Fantastic Bus


The story happens on a boring bus...



The magic happens with a simple click.



So fun!

Let's bring a fancy dog next.




Oh no!

Duck and dog are going to fight.


I got an idea!



OPPO Reno S  Snatch the moment


OPPO Reno S  拉近奇妙瞬间


We really had fun in the shooting. Talented director duo Vania & Muggia created different pros to make the big duck, dog and ice cream as real as possible...

影片拍摄过程超级有趣,有才的导演搭档Vania & Muggia用尽天才办法让鸭鸭狗狗冰淇淋在巴士里真实动人。超大冰淇淋、超小巴士,拍摄道具应有尽有。

​长见识了 :)

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